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doing fine. he suffered a head injury while trying to take down one of the suspects this morning. police were first called here and around to 45 this morning for two men on the pg&e property. when police arrived they found a hole cut in the fence that the suspects had made to get into the yard. police chased them and an officer was injured while taking down one of the suspects. how the officer is fine. other agencies arrived to assist and they ended up finding the second suspect two hours later hiding either under or near a car just across the street from pg&e. he was taken into custody and they now have both of them in the substation. this is something that is a problem and i also put a call
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into pg&e about how they deal for copper thieves and i'm still waiting to get a callback. >> a house fire was first reported late last night at grand and chestnut ave. the extent of their injuries have not yet been released. >> of richmond residents got new information about the refinery fire at chevron last month. government and oil company officials talked about the fire. focus is on the section of pipeline that had corroded. it was very thin when the fire started >> the surviving portion of that section of the pipe had a thickness as low as one 16th of an inch. about the thickness of a penny. >> chevron says it did monitor 19 different parts of that pipe that had missed a five-foot section where the breach
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happened >> investigators found 10 hidden cameras in the san francisco home of an elementary school principal who is charged with five drug-related felonies according to a police report that says one of the cameras was found in a teddy bear. the principal at the montague elementary school was arrested on the charges last week. he appeared in court yesterday. >> about a quarter ounce of methamphetamine, seven bills of what is expected to be ecstasy, and three or four vials of g h b. >> he did not enter a plea and is being held in jail in lieu of $25,000 bail. a bay area man will face charges that he spiked his girlfriend's water with chlorine. she was a patient in san rafael. staff members alerted police when they noticed a strange smell. the woman had been drinking
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several ounces per day for weeks. tests showed a single bottle at a higher concentration of chlorine in swimming pool. police arrested the man over the weekend and says his motive may have been financial >> the san francisco police chief heard from angry people about last week's violence in the mission district. he held a town hall meeting to talk about the knights of vandalism that followed the shooting of an armed man. residents ask why police are not doing their job to keep the peace. >> this community has worked and struggled to make changes. it has not been enough >> it is a safe place, a vibrant community, and the san francisco police department and those elected by you to serve even the community members that we work with are committed to keeping this a safe place. >> police say 22 year-old oliver martinez was on his way to
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avenge a fatal shooting when they encountered them >> let's get another look at the weather. >> it should be a fantastic week ahead. visibility down to a half mile in santa rosa. other than that it is looking pretty good. some of those clouds have managed to sneak inside the day as well. 54 degrees in san francisco and 54 in livermore. be showing up in winters. inside the day, '60s and '70s. '50s and '60s at the coast. warmer weather on the way and we will talk about that in a moment >> some of that fog might affect your drive across the golden gate bridge. and did visibility in some spots of be careful as you work your way into san francisco.
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an accident just north at tiburon on the off ramp and it looks like it may be with injuries soc pg&e and fire crews are on the scene. also along the peninsula, northbound 101 at the ellis street off ramp, it looks like a big rig might have hit an arm for the light rail tracks so chp is doing traffic control. speaking of traffic being backed up, west down 580 this low and go to 680. >> this morning, people against plans for a new jail in san mateo county plan to crowd into a budget meeting. they believe the money would be better spent on social services and other and alternatives to imprisonment. protesters want the board to
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hold a hearing on how to reduce the jail population. today the board of supervisors move forward with a plan to make very small apartments available to renters, some of them only 200 square feet. kate is in san francisco with the story of the micro apartments. >> it could be the size of a motor home or half of a two car garage if you have one of those but it this apartment complex behind me is one of the so- called micro unit set to be unveiled in november but these are about 300 square feet and supervisors are voting to allow smaller than that. the new proposed size would be about 220 ft.. stacks of these clients include window seats that can convert to
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beds, units include a kitchen and bathroom and closet. scott wenner says with the technology boom, new hires have been snapping up rentals and as a result, when prices have gone up in these new efficient units would be aimed at helping singles in a city where 40 percent of residents live solo >> we do need more housing but almost 40 percent of san franciscans are single so until we need to have housing for people who cannot afford the skyrocketing rents >> >> we're concerned about the precedent that it sets that is okay for people to live in these very tiny shoebox apartments and some of them are maybe the size of a parking space >> critics also claim that more of these apartments will cost ingestion and will stream city sources like unique. they will go for about 1200-
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$1,700 per month. according to a real-estate service, an average studio in san francisco will set you back about $2,100 per month. >> president obama is set to speak in about an hour before the united nations general assembly. the president is expected to discuss everything from the civil war in syria to the iranian nuclear activity and recent violent attacks in libya and egypt. mitt romney is criticizing the president for a comment he made on 60 minutes. romney accused the president of minimizing recent events in the middle east >> i was pretty certain and continue to be pretty certain that there will be bumps in the road. >> we need an administration that is up to shaping events and
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not seeing them as the bumps in the road >> ny house spokesperson called the comments desperate and offensive clarifying the president was referring to middle east unrest in general. among the leaders in new york was the iranian president who is already creating controversy. during a meeting yesterday he accused the u.s. of shielding the israeli government that he called a fake regime. that prompted the israeli delegation to get up and leave. he also says the u.s. missy is freedom of speech by allowing the production of the anti islamic video. >> the u.s. supreme court could announce as soon as today whether it will take up same-sex marriage. one of them involves proposition 8, a voter approved measure that limits marriage to female couples. in new york woman sued saying that federal law unfit
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lawfully married in their own states. arguments would not begin until next year. >> the first couple sits down on the couch of the view. what the president revealed about the chance that his wife could one day run for office. >> a wild fire turns deadly, the evacuation and the damage to homes, coming up >> not your typical day at ,,,,,
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>> a surprise drug-floated ashore near florida. people helped fish and wildlife officials carry several large packages of marijuana out of the
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ocean. a boat loaded with nearly 150 lbs. of it had capsized. nobody was on board and officials are trying to figure out whose boat it is. there is now one death connected to an ongoing wild fire in san diego county. >> firefighters found a man who had avoided evacuation orders. >> is heartbreaking. >> is hard. we don't have nothing to come back to. >> more than 2,000 a. have burned so far. >> let's get a look at the roadways right now. >> we're going to head straight to the bay bridge toll plaza right now. give yourself a few extra minutes. we're also getting reports of an accident as the way towards the maze. look at that, we are seeing
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some delays as you work your way towards the distraction. no word yet if any lanes are blocked you might find some delays along westbound 80. we do have a bit of a trouble spot on the north round rant from 101. it looks like a big rig might have hit the cross and arm. chp is doing traffic control. we are not hearing of any delays and you might see a back up on that offer at. just a heads up as your head through there. the golden gate bridge is a little bit foggy this morning. travel times are ok heading toward san francisco, northbound 101 is not seen any delays. maybe just off the freeway there is an accident so the main
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lines are not affected but the injuries reported in the accident. west down 580, business as usual. westbound is slow from the altamont pass. no troubles once you get to the dublin interchange. antioch on westbound highway 4 is also pretty slow but pretty typical for this time of the morning. no delays for the short freeway. roadwork east bound by bailey should be there until 1:00 this afternoon in the counter commute direction. art would be a great choice. everything is on time with a spirited no delays to report. >> i love the fall sunshine and i think we will see plenty of it today.
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we're starting out with dense fog a especially as you approached the coast line. an area of low pressure is making its way into utah and it will continue to make its eastward track. temperatures will be warming up for the next couple of days but watch out for the fog a especially as you approached the coastline. numbers mainly in the 40's and '50's right now but by the afternoon, what a beautiful day it will be. lots of '60s and '70s with 80 showing up in the valleys. if you plan on traveling around, it will be hot towards the sacramento valley. 92 in fresno. 73 at lake tahoe after a christmas morning. i pressure is starting to build in now and it looks like sunny
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in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those
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today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number.
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